Fishtail Hospital And Research Center Pvt.Ltd.

Established in- 2055/04/25 (1998 A.D)

Registered in- Company Registar,   Ministry of Health,
Department of Health  Service,
Kathmandu .


Fishtail hospital is a multi–speciality hospital that offers preventive, curative and palliative health care services. It was established on 1998 and bears as its motto. Since its inception it has been one of the leading and fore-running health care providing centre of western region. Fishtail hospital ably states that it has been providing qualitative health care services to those in needs. Though it is primarily a patient oriented centre, it has taken its steps to solidify its image among the academic field by running a Nursing college of its own and has been playing a vital role at social level by advocating general health camps to educate and reaching out to people in the process of making its health service accessible to all.

Progressive and innovative in its services, Fishtail hospital has grown from a mere 25 bedded hospital over the short span of time to now a fully fledged health care providing centre in the region. It patronizes technical expertise at providing wide range of medical, surgical and diagnostic services. Fishtail hospital hopes to progress further to be the best health service provider in the western region and beyond.